Sorry, folks. Just gotta get this out of the way. I know you’re honest. Except you, Dwayne F. in Scranton. I don’t trust you.

All photographs attributed to Cristy Carrington, Cristy Carrington Lewis, Cristy Lewis, C. C. Lewis and Miss Snarky Pants, and all blog content contained within Miss Snarky Pants and the previous blog, Paltry Meanderings of a Taller Than Average Woman, unless otherwise specified, are the exclusive property of Cristy Carrington Lewis and may not be used without written permission of the owner. Blog posts may be “shared” or re-posted via social media with appropriate attribution.  Copyright © 2012 by Cristy Carrington Lewis.

Do yourself a favor and don’t steal from this site. I’m a lawyer. It won’t end well for you. Especially if you’re Dwayne F. in Scranton.

One thought on “Copyright

  1. I also am 5’10” (well, 5’10 1/2″ but I swear I am shorter now than high school) and loved your blog! If one more woman approaches me in the rest room and says, “My, how tall ARE you?” or a man trying to hit on me asks, “Did you play basketball?” I swear I will swing one long gangly leg over their head, reach up with my ET-long fingers and set off the ceiling sprinkler before double-jointing away like an enraged stork.

    No, I never minded being tall but after 30 or more years of someone every day NOTING this feature, it gets really boring. Thank GOD I don’t have big breasts. At least people look at my face first.


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