Best Blogroll In The Universe

These are the blogs I currently subscribe to or websites I like in no particular order. If you read them, they won’t make you richer, unless you believe laughter and literature carries more value than gold.

And I do.

I also believe in gnomes. And comebacks for slutty, druggy teen actresses. And a t-shirt – not the tight, sexy kind – for Vladimir Putin, featuring his favorite American, Richard Simmons.

Most importantly, I believe you will read these blogs because you’re here, after all. That’s apparently what you do: read clever blogs when you should be pumping out that TPS report. And because I’m holding your puppy hostage. Hurry, I think it’s hungry. It’s whining a lot.

13 thoughts on “Best Blogroll In The Universe

  1. I’m trying to get somebody to read my blog. Sure, it might seem simple, like first of all I would just tell all my friends … yeah, I should get some of those.
    Anyway, I imagine you didn’t have any friends either, then you started writing your hilarious blog, and now you have a lot of friends and go to suits-optional pool parties and wine tastings.

    So I guess that is my master plan.

    Game Over: Romney Secures the Coveted Meat Loaf Endorsement

    1. I hate to break this to you, but your friends are actually the last people likely to read your blog. I’ve been doing this since late January and only a handful of my original friends read it…mostly because I’m really unlikable in person, so why would they want to endure me on the page as well. However, unless you’re a complete dick, you should score a few friends within the blogosphere and eventually you’ll have thousands of people out there just dying to lap up your words (especially if you lace those words with vodka). I will check out your blog, but not today. Right now, I have to get dressed for a suits-optional pool party and then I’ll be making cookies. Only half of that statement is true and I’ll let you guess which half.

  2. I’m working on my blog site…I have a page called “Recommended Reading.” Can I link to your site? I feel it would be a bit creepy to just add your link to my site without asking for permission first. I only have a few links listed there, as I’m not about to recommend a crappy blog.

  3. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only person who has a helluva time getting that last letter in my links (sometimes)!

    I’ll check out your list down the road…I have to run off to my weekly webinar on “How to Revel in Procrastination” and they love when I tell them I never got last week’s exercises done…I get a gold star every week!

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