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The Funny Thing About Dolphins

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - Stenella Plagiodon
“Go ahead. Enlighten me.” Courtesy of Wikipedia

That’s the thing about dolphins.

If they don’t like you, you must suck as a human being. Seriously suck.

Dolphins have been known to protect complete strangers – of another species, no less – from sharks. Makes you wonder if dolphins didn’t like some of the people who didn’t make it. Maybe they just hung back. “No, he’s a real douchebag. Big tuna eater. Let Jaws have him.”

Consistently ranked as one of the most intelligent mammals, dolphins possess advanced language comprehension, understanding of numerical concepts, problem solving skills and, some believe, “self-awareness and higher consciousness.” This is more than can be said about Kanye West.

Despite this, in June the Trump administration rejected a rule the Pacific Fishery Management Council had proposed that would have further protected endangered whales, sea turtles and dolphins. Is the White House worried that sea turtles will take away American jobs?

Makes you wonder if dolphins like Trump.

Perhaps he should avoid the water.

Or not.


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6 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Dolphins

  1. In Britain a Trump is a euphemism for a large fart. 😀 The notion should be adopted as a universal definition of organic green house gases and then Trump could stop believing in himself. Just a thought. 😀

    1. I’d agree with the euphemism, but large farts are usually funny. Trump the Candidate was funny. Trump the President is the stuff of psychology textbooks. Please tell your friends that most of the country thinks Trump is batshit. Every time a member of Congress mentions the “I” word (impeachment), I smile.

      1. Don’t worry we have a few ripe anglo-saxon words of or own.

        I wonder if the “I” word gets a smile when used by those who are not members of congress. I’ll give it a try:-
        Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.

        Why do you put them in peaches anyway wouldn’t aspic be better or concrete ? 😀

        Have a nice day 😀

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