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MSNBC Covered Actual News Today. Trump Baffled.


MSP News – In a shocking break with 24-hour news channel protocol, MSNBC reported on the capture of Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam. An actual story, not a moving ticker tape along the bottom of the screen. Live coverage with Richard Engel. The word Trump wasn’t uttered for over 34 minutes in a row.

Calls to MSNBC executives were not returned, but at least one insider confided that the brief news leak was a relief. “To cover something related to terror, as opposed to politics. It’s uplifting. I had no idea how depressed I’d become. I’ve learned to find my joy where I can.”

A Trump employee shared that the billionaire “is baffled.” However, Trump released the following statement: “MSNBC thought Salah Who-The-Hell-Is-He-Anyway was more important than the front runner for the Presidency. This is HUGE. You hear me? HUGE. If this keeps up, there could be riots.The people love me, you know, they love me. They’ll riot.”

Reports indicate that despite the 34+ minute lull in Trump news, nothing bad happened. No riots are planned at this time.

9 thoughts on “MSNBC Covered Actual News Today. Trump Baffled.

  1. Ha! I’ve been driving all day, listening to a lot of CNN on satellite radio, and I thought the same thing. It was actually a relief to hear about something other than Trump.

  2. Oh Nelly the anchor packed of Trump
    And said goodbye to the circus
    Of she went without a Trump
    Trump, Trump Trump.

    The head of the herd was calling
    Far, Far away
    So of she went with Trumpety, Trump
    To the land of news today.

    All together now ~

    You’re right, something bad did happen. You’ve just read it. 😀 😀

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