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Just Four Friggin’ Lines #5


Just Four Friggin’ Lines is a poetry series for people who insist on listening with their eyes. And in honor of those who scribble verses like sleezy phone numbers on their palms and wrists, I bleed Just Four Friggin’ Lines of ink. Are you hemorrhaging words? Share your four lines in the Comments below and stop spurting all over your keyboard.

24 thoughts on “Just Four Friggin’ Lines #5

    1. Thanks, Judy. Writing it neatly on my hand took two tries. I won’t even go into how many photos I took to ensure it was legible. I probably have ink poisoning or something, now.

  1. In the gutter, on its own, a single empty can of tuna in lemon and cracked pepper.
    Mouth open, like a gasping fish, staring at the sky.
    I hardly know whether to rail at its former owner for his callous discard
    Or to take it home and bin it safely, like burying the dead goldfish no one wants to hold.

    1. Really, really nice. Such visceral imagery and neat weaving of fishy imagery throughout. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hope you’ll be back and will share some more!

  2. The darkness is my only lover
    A toxic addiction, despicable companion
    Undaunted by daylight it saturates all my hours
    Beloved enemy, my sanctuary and prison

  3. Oh holy HELL I LURVE this… this is brilliant. I’ve been wanting to resurrect my typewriter for stuff like this but at this point I’ll have to type on the back of my pink slips and demerit “badges”…

      1. Not sure but the bosses got my response to my craptastic annual performance review today. So far Ms Director said it was very well-worded.
        I also might have an interview this week so things they are a-changin’… (I HOPE!)

      2. Yay to change! Keep me posted; I’m currently woven into a social media-repellant cocoon, while I recover from a sinus infection and finish my novel edit, so I’m not going to be posting or checking in for a few weeks. You super cool bloggers are so addictive! I must tear myself away from you. 😉 “Well-worded,” huh? How did the like the “fuck off” part? Tee hee.

      3. It was so cloaked in awesome prose they didn’t even notice! Actually I still have NOT reconvened with the bosses BUT I have 2 (yes – TWO) interviews scheduled for this Monday. One right after the other! And I haven’t told the bosses yet! What to do, what to do!

      4. Congratulations! Sounds like someone’s coming down with the “flu” on Monday. *cough, cough* Good luck, but don’t tell them to fuck off. Never works for me in interviews. Just sayin’.

      5. LOL they’re both in the same agency. Hell, I have 3 weeks vacation this year. Who wants to start all over again when internal candidates get first crack!?

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