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Just Four Friggin’ Lines #3


This is the third installment of Miss Snarky Pants’ random poetry series, Just Four Friggin’ Lines, written especially for you who get your poetry thang on while waiting at traffic lights. Read, enjoy, follow, share and contribute in the Comments Section below – particularly if you have a four-liner you’d like to pass along. After all, it’s Just Four Friggin’ Lines.  C’mon, there were more words on the back of that cereal box you read this morning. This is poetry. It’s way cooler to say, “I read an interesting poem at that long light on Washington Avenue,” than “I know how many calories are in a serving of Frosted Flakes.” And it’s Just Four Friggin’ Lines!

13 thoughts on “Just Four Friggin’ Lines #3

  1. You’re a friggin’ genius. Today’s four lines will haunt my subconscious like a catchy jingle from an art film I meant to see but never got around to….very nice, and shorter than this comment.

    1. Thanks! I was inspired by watching “Still Alice” last night. Dear lord, I bawled all the way through the film. I must be a masochist for watching it all the way through. At least it birthed a poem.

      1. Try this. We’ve got:-
        A Tory party; Right wing that offers a referendum on remaining in the European Union.
        A Labour Party: Left wing but does not offer a referendum.
        A Liberal Party: Doesn’t quite know what it is but, until recently, was part of a coalition government with the Tories.
        More Recently:-
        A Scottish National Party: Left wing, narrowly lost a vote for Scottish independence but then wiped out the Labour party in Scotland.
        A UK Independence Party; Mostly right wing and against immigration.

        Not too long ago there was a Member of Parliament expenses scandal. Some were claiming mortgage payments second homes they were renting to others. One idiot tried to claim for a £30,000 duck house and another for a moat.
        Then there’s the House of Lords !

        On other words nobody get’s what they really want but it is nice to share one’s woes.

        Surprisingly we do here a lot about US events/politics over here (more than we do of Canada or Autralia). Just like us every issue is more of a political football than a search for honest solutions. “Oh the humanity”.

    1. There is an idea! I had thought about doing it with my own work, but it’s a really groovy idea now that you’ve suggested opening it up to my readers, too! I love the sense of camaraderie among writers. Wonderful idea. Thanks, Yolly!

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