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Just Four Friggin’ Lines #1




Just Four Friggin’ Lines is a new poetry series I’m writing for the lovely people who don’t have time to read my longer humorous, satirical, political or just-plain-indulgent-and-confessional posts. It’s poetry. Written in less than a few minutes, then printed out and photographed – so you know I didn’t come back and tinker with it later. It’s not meant to change the world or even be any good. The poems may be serious, funny, observational, lyrical, raw or bleak. But it’s my way of saying hello and, most importantly, it’s Just Four Friggin’ Lines.

This is number one.

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Miss Snarky Pants is – usually- a humor and satire blog. Apparently, we’re branching into poetry, for no apparent reason. Deal with it. It’s JUST FOUR FRIGGIN’ LINES.



15 thoughts on “Just Four Friggin’ Lines #1

    1. If you’d like to share your four liners in the Comments section, I’d be delighted. You can also tweet them to me at @cristyclewis. With all the interest this has generated, I may just have to publish the best of the four liners submitted by my talented readers. Dick jokes are usually reserved for my longer humor and satire pieces, so you may want to check them out. Then again, a four line dick joke sounds like a challenge to me.

    1. Please don’t be. My blogroll hasn’t been updated since the Bush administration (the first one), but I will try to remedy that at my earliest convenience – and I will certainly include yours.

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