59 thoughts on “Procrastination in the Form of a Cat Poem

      1. I wouldn’t even blink to see a Chevy Nova covered in poetry being driven around. Just two days ago, I saw a car covered in dinosaurs.

  1. Middle aged black furry lump
    Site for food disposal
    Occupying space on my couch
    Needy for petting or food
    Still living in a kitten’s body

    Take that Robert Frost. I like Emily. She was just enough crazy to be great.

  2. i do love it when you leave your snark behind. which i guess is like saying i like you with no pants? how dare i!

    1. My hubby likes me without pants, too. You’d like our cats. None of them wear pants. Of course, this means that we always have to foot the bill because our cats never carry any cash. No pockets.

    1. This was the “feline” magnet collection – hence, I was limited to poems about cats. You may want to go with something a little broader. Say, African-American Ninjas with Oedipal Complexes?

  3. This is wonderful! I’d never dare have word magnets like this. With 12 and 15 year old sons, who knows what I’d find? In fact, you just gave me a great idea for a blog post. If I go with it, I’ll link back to you to credit you for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. We had these magnets on the fridge when our kids were young. The poetry set and other sets – science and math. When my son was in high school, I could always tell when he and his friends had been foraging for food. Very interesting combinations would appear like: Never whisker a frisky hypotenuse attempting mischievous dark matter equations with Big Bang cunning.
    Boy geniuses, every one.

  5. I like that you slid in the fang nipping thing. It’s just not an Emily Dickinson challenge if there’s no allusion to death! (unless it’s a metaphor or something, in which case I totally missed the point!)

    1. I’m all about breaking new ground. I’m thinking of dressing up a Korean guy in harem pants and shiny black shoes, then asking him to dance – I don’t know – gangsta style. Think there’d be any interest in that? Pretty sure that’s never been done before.

      1. How ’bout this….
        Make your blog an epic document of your life: what you had for breakfast, the trials of each day. Oh, and especially your innermost thoughts about losing weight and RELATIONSHIPS. Has anyone ever done that?

      1. You are kind but my poetry should never see the light of day. My ass is more poetic and honestly I’d rather hang it out my front window than post my poetry. My neighbors might feel differently.

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