29 thoughts on “Words That Rhyme With Orange

  1. Sporange. (Which is a rarer short form of the word sporangium.)

    It’s a botanical term for a part of a fern or similar plant.

    But…yeah. Rhyming orange is like trying to rhyme the word “purple” or “silver”. Best to go all Theodor Geisel and make up your own words. I mean, who is going to know what a sporange is? Or a chilver (the only word that rhymes with silver)? If you make up your own, at least people will know from context what the heck it is.

      1. Sorry ’bout that. Um…you’re welcome?

        My guilty conscience forces me to confess something though. I cheated. I looked it up. I did not have the brilliance nor wit to think of a single word that would rhyme, so I let google figure it out. I know. I’m a bad person. I’m a…a wanna-be logophile.

        *pretending you didn’t see me just look up the term for “lover of words”*

    1. 1. My sister probably knows what sporange is.
      2. Roger Miller took the “make up your own” advice and managed to rhyme “syrple” with “purple” … “Roses are red and violets are purple. Sugar is sweet and so is maple syrple.”

    1. That’s the most valuable photo in my collection. Like I’d risk scanning it and exposing it to scary light just to share it with you. Harrrumph! If you’re nice and promise to wear white, cotton gloves, I might let you see it the next time you visit.

  2. Well, I am singing that song from, HR Pufnstuf -Oranges poranges, who says, oranges poranges, who says, oranges poranges, who says? there ain’t no rhyme for oranges. Thanks for putting that song in my head, Cristy. Dear God…

    1. Don’t thank me. Thank HR Pufnstuff. I only put the word orange in your head. You, on the other hand, have now put the word “porange” in mine. Thanks, a lot, Jumping In Mud Puddles! Porange, porange, porange…aaarrrggghhhh!

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I am uber honored. What to do? What to do? Buy a new dress? Get my hair done? After I recover from my celebratory hangover, I shall consider the next step. But thanks again. The honor is so appreciated.

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